Alcohol ages you. But it doesn't have to anymore

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Alcohol ages you. But it doesn't have to anymore

“I’m not going to drink again without it”

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Welcome To MOXY

Moxy was designed at first as an ultra premium brand to create a better buzz when drinking. An elegant party-booster, if you will.

By using a nootropic to maintain clarity, some DHM to process alcohol, and premium anti-aging ingredients to cancel out the aging damage of alcohol, it worked great.

But in trials we found that our participants reported almost no hangover symptoms at all.

What People Are Saying

The Science Behind It

Our competitors use a bunch of random ingredients that have now been proven not to work, but every single ingredient in Moxy’s formula has a purpose.

How it works

NMN is the building block of NAD+ which is a coenzyme present in all living cells. NAD+ declines with age and on average a 50 year old would have half the NAD+ levels had in youth. Essentially, the higher the NAD+ the more youthful someone is. NAD+ transfers energy from fatty acids and glucose to the mitochondria, where it is converted to ATP. This is the cellular energy that drives all activities the body performs, including cellular repair and ultimately slowing the aging process.

Drinking alcohol depletes NAD+ levels, which is why hangovers tend to get worse with age, due to already lower levels of NAD+. Moxy contains NAD+’s building block NMN in order to raise NAD+ levels before, during, and after drinking. This is essentially cancelling out alcohol’s usual depletion of your master anti-aging enzyme.

You already know that Resveratrol is packed with powerful antioxidants, but did you know that it also helps maintain higher levels of NAD+? When the body senses elevated levels of NAD+, it signals the production of an enzyme that eliminates them. Resveratrol blocks this enzyme so that you maintain the higher NAD+ levels required to help mitigate the negative effects of alcohol.

An amino acid that supports the methylation process. NMN requires additional methyl groups to facilitate the conversion of NMN into the cells.

The nootropic we use protects the brain from oxidative damage, reduces anxiety, increases dopamine,  and modulates GABA, benzodiazepine, and acetylcholine receptors. By increasing receptor binding ability, other ingredients in the formula that work via these receptors now work more effectively. When taken prior to drinking, the result is more mental clarity and sharpness while intoxicated.

Increases the activity of anti-alcohol enzymes ADH and ALDH. These enzymes metabolize alcohol for eventual elimination from the body. Supplementing with DHM has been shown in studies to break down alcohol faster.

These fatty acids help transport our powerful active ingredients through the lower digestive tract walls where they can become available for use in the bloodstream.

Without proper steps taken to ensure absorption, expensive supplements become useless because they are not bioavailable. Some ingredients are degraded and rendered useless unless placed in an enteric capsule or taken under the tongue, because they need to bypass stomach acid. Our time released formula contains only premium ingredients, is 100% vegan, and is put into enteric capsules for best possible quality and absorption. It is gradually released into the bloodstream which supports alcohol detoxification efforts for longer and more sustained periods of time.

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