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About MOXY

Ready to breakup with hangovers for good? How about great mornings after those wild nights? It’s time to drink protected. 

Welcome to MOXY, the revolutionary pre-party supplement hell-bent on eradicating the common hangover.

Humbly started in a bar, MOXY is a supplement designed, developed, tested and perfected by a health-conscious bartender who saw the need for a product legitimately capable of preventing hangovers.

Welcome to MOXY, the future of drinking. Learn More

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The Science Behind It

When you drink alcohol, your body does a few things. First, it parties!

Just kidding. Well, kinda kidding. But while you’re partying, the alcohol in your bloodstream must be dealt with. Your body uses two enzymes to do that: ADH, and ALDH. ADH comes first, and it metabolizes alcohol into acetaldehyde, which is super toxic. But it’s all part of the plan and has to happen first. This is also where hangovers come from.

Next up is ALDH. This metabolizes the acetaldehyde into a more harmless byproduct called acetate which can then be eliminated by the body. Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about how Moxy helps! Learn More

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